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McTimoney Animal Therapy

Helen Tompkins is a dual qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist and McTimoney Animal Therapist.  She uses McTimoney animal manipulation in conjunction with sports massage, stress point therapy, mobilisations, exercise therapy and stretching regimes to address musculoskeletal problems in animals.  Although Helen mainly treats horses and dogs, she has also successfully treated other animals including sheep, goats and cattle.

What is McTimoney Animal Therapy?

McTimoney animal manipulation is a safe, effective and non-invasive physical therapy using manipulation to realign the animal’s musculoskeletal system.

When animals experience an injury or incident, even one which may seem inconsequential, they often cope with any discomfort by developing a different way of moving to avoid using the painful area.   This places the whole body under stress as it works in an unfamiliar way to cope with even basic activities. These changes can become established, which in turn may result in misalignments of the musculoskeletal system due to a build up of muscle tension.

During treatment, after a full assessment, adjustments are made by hand using relatively gentle high velocity, low intensity thrusts to correct spinal and pelvic misalignments.  Helen Tompkins combines McTimoney animal manipulation with mobilisations, massage, range of motion exercises and stretches in order to provide a comprehensive therapy, aiming for long-term improvement.

The treatment is drug free, administered entirely by hand (no gadgets are used) and usually painless, so is generally well received by animals and this in turn is appreciated by owners.  Treatment is appropriate for veterans, youngstock, pets and working animals.

It is a legal requirement that anyone treating an animal must have veterinary permission to do so.  Helen will contact your vet prior to treatment to confirm any relevant details and to ensure permission is forthcoming.  Where an animal presents with symptoms which may require veterinary attention (such as lameness), Helen may decline to proceed with treatment until veterinary advice has been sought.

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