Helen Tompkins


Integrated Physiotherapy TreatmentHorses
Helen aims to give a very thorough and comprehensive treatment.  She will usually be with each horse for about an hour, often longer for an initial session.  This will include history taking, static assessment, Mctimoney/Sports therapy treatment, laser treatment or other electrotherapy, and devising of a follow up exercise and treatment plan.
Prices will vary by area and distance covered, but as a GUIDE ONLY:
Integrated treatment (prices correct from February 2013)

Equine treatment prices range between £45 and £58 depending on distance travelled.

Canine treatment prices on request.

These prices are subject to review and may alter where fuel costs change significantly.

Helen prefers not to treat horses which have travelled to her (a “visiting treatment”) as the journey home may adversely affect any adjustments made.

However, if you think you require an urgent visiting treatment please phone to discuss.