Helen Tompkins


Ultrasound therapy uses ultra-soundwaves (not audible to humans) applied to the body to “excite” the tissues and energise the repair process after injury.   Ultrasound is a very widely used physiotherapeutic modality and is particularly useful in tissues which are mainly composed of a dense, collagenous base (scar tissue, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules etc).

Ultrasound is clinically proven to speed up the inflammatory process (a process all injured tissues must go through, which leads to repair).

Ultrasound positively influences the repair process.  When tissue mends, the body needs to ensure that the repair is an adequate “patch” to the original tissue. The use of ultrasound has been proven to create the best chance of the new tissue behaving as close to original tissue as possible, promoting a more efficient, better quality of repair which will have increased ongoing functional strength.  In turn, this reduces the likelihood of vulnerability to re-injury.

Ultrasound treatment for horses