Helen Tompkins    07970 619906

MSc (An. Manip.) Dip ITEC (Equine) MMAA BCMA (Regd)


Equine and Animal Physical Therapist


- Equine and Animal Physical Therapy

- McTimoney Animal Practitioner

Helen Tompkins is an Equine and Animal Therapist based in North Devon.  She uses McTimoney Animal Manipulation in conjunction with massage, electrotherapy, stress point therapy, mobilisations, exercise therapy and stretching regimes to address musculoskeletal problems in animals.  Although Helen mainly treats horses and dogs, she has also successfully treated other animals including sheep, goats and cattle.

It is a legal requirement that anyone treating an animal must have veterinary permission to do so.  Helen will contact your vet prior to treatment to confirm any relevant details and to ensure permission is forthcoming.  Where an animal presents with symptoms which may require veterinary attention (such as lameness), Helen may decline to proceed with treatment until veterinary advice has been sought.

“Physical therapy for animals... for suppleness, mobility and performance”